Call me Sweetie — that’s what Honey does, anyway but my name is actually Liberty. Honey and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado (home to Colorado State University, New Belgium Brewing Company (and Tour de Fat), and Otterbox).

Among other things, I am a math teacher, a baker, and an amateur architect. I can be slightly obsessive (Honey might argue that I should not put “slightly”) about my various interests which include baking, genealogy, architecture, photography, travel, movies, music, Disney, Harry Potter, and other nerdy things. Oh, and I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest. I also create my own planners using Microsoft Word and and have created many documents in the past for various uses.

I am creating this site with the hope to create or join a community of like-minded individuals. Here we will share information and experiences in many areas, including education, genealogy, baking and other recipes, design and building a home, body image, relationships, and life in general.